Stage crossings

Csaba Horváth initiated the company Fortedanse. The leader-choreographer now selects freely the dancers he wants to work with for his conception and performance. His new choreography has an enigmatic title: The Incidental Estate of the Bodies' Surface. Tamás Halász and Sándor Hegedűs wrote about the performance. All artists are graduated ballet dancers, some of them being members of the Opera House and some of them trying to survive as freelance. However, they all show up in contemporary performances. This means that there must be some meeting points among different styles. About professional facts, emotional and existential conclusions Márta Péter asked Katalin Lőrinc, Alexandra Kozmér, Roland Csonka and Miklós Dávid Kerényi.

Réka Szabó, dancer-choreographer and director also opens crossings among diverse genres. Actors and dancers play in her performances seeking for connections between text and movement, dance and theatre. Borbála Sebők made an interview with the leader of the Tünet Együttes.

Since 1982 György Árvai has been taking part in individual and group fine arts exhibitions, designed exhibition halls and spaces with special function. He founded the Természetes Vészek Kollektíva in 1984, using movements, film, contemporary music and performance interwoven with special scenic effects. He has been conceiving settings and writing music for films and theatres since 1985 and taking part in different electro-acoustical musical ensembles since 1993. Kata Demcsák wrote about his latest performance PRE-ACTIO and István Sándor L. made an interview with him.

We offer articles on the following performances: Krisztián Gergye's egonegon, three Mozart-operas (Don Giovanni - in Szeged, directed by László Bagossy; The Abduction from the Seraglio - in Debrecen, directed by Tim Carroll, The Magic Flute - in Merlin Theatre, directed by Eszter Novák). We publish an interview with Matthew Hawkins British choreographer, and report about the series Nagy Britmánia - SuperNow.

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